Have you the energy, vision and drive to bring out the best in your town, to support local businesses and community in promoting all that’s positive about your town?
Then Develop Tullow Association CLG would love to hear from you.

The members of DTA are encouraging new people to get involved, people who can promote fresh ideas and, perhaps, a new way of thinking to further enhance Tullow, support its business community and, in turn, all of the town’s residents.
As I am sure everyone will agree, a group is only as good as the people in the group and with this in mind DTA is most anxious to encourage new members to get involved,” said Margaret Kirwan, secretary of DTA.

“People who would inject a new way of thinking and planning into the group,” she added.
The committee strongly feels that 
DTA is now at a crossroads and urgently needs, perhaps, a new generation of people who live in Tullow to step up to support their town – celebrating the good days while also facing whatever challenges arise with optimism and purpose.
“Some of our current members are in the upper age bracket and wish to step back. Therefore, we are urgently in need of new people with fresh ideas,” said Margaret.

DTA was set up over 40 years ago and has maintained as its core ethos an endeavour to support business and communities in whatever way it can. It consists of a board of directors, a committee and various sub-committees. Every person involved with DTA is a volunteer, generously giving their time freely.

DTA has for a number of years successfully organised the St Patrick’s day parade. This is done annually with the support of additional people who kindly come forward to help on the day. In 2020, an urgent appeal was issued to encourage volunteers to get involved, with a genuine fear that unless they came forward Tullow would not have a parade in 2020.

“We were delighted to welcome some new faces, led by the Gateway Church members. This brought a new perspective to organising the parade – new eyes and great enthusiasm was experienced,” explained Margaret.
“The existing DTA members supported the new sub committee,
 but, unfortunately, COVID-19 put a stop to our plans and the Tullow parade, like all the others, had to be cancelled. However, it is hoped that the same people will agree to come on board for the 2021 St Patrick’s day parade,” she added.

In December each year, DTA organises a Christmas celebration, including the Christmas lights and the arrival of Santa bearing gifts.

Tullow tidy towns is another string to DTA’s bow and does an enormous amount of work each year. This work is done by community employment/TUS schemes, overseen by Mary Walsh, William Paton and a small group of volunteers.
DTA has been supported financially over the years by local traders, church gate collections, a draw/raffle and by Carlow Co Council through grants.

None of this would be possible without volunteers, so now more than ever DTA needs you.
Have you a particular talent which may be of assistance to the group? Can you give a few hours a week/month to DTA? Is there a project you would like to see being carried out and that you wish
 to be involved in?
If you have any interest in getting involved or seek further information, contact
 Denis Ryan on 087 6701091 or Margaret Kirwan 087 8538596 or email margaret.m.kirwan@gmail.com or developtullow@gmail.com.